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So far mine has a hat and thumbs. I want to share the pattern at my Sr Center and help some of the others. Can I share copies of your pattern- with credit? I am a 74 retired teacher- you give excellent directions and help. Hello I made three teddies and it was my first time I watch the video and followed the pattern here.


Its was for my sister's triplet's birthday. And they enjoy playing with it and my other nephew as asked be to make him a lion. Just want to say thank you for sharing your patterns. I just want to tell you that you inspired me so much! You really opened up the Amigurumi world to me, with your simple instructions.

Before it was so confusing. Thank you thank you thank you! I appreciate the time you took to leave a comment, it means a lot to me. I'm so glad you're finding the patterns easy to use, that's awesome! Made yours and do like sooo much better. I did figure others out but thought looked more like mouse. Thanks, will post this latest bear on FB when I finish. Not ever posted any before Yours look so much better But just decided each are individual. It's all a "learning as we go" experience with amigurumi. It's ok to change things up, mix and match patterns, add big ears or little ears.

And sometimes one thing will work for someone while another thing will work for somebody else. Amigurumi is very adaptable that way, it's another reason I love it so much, lol I'm glad you liked the finished ami you did. Yes I agree, we are all different and each amigurumi we make is unique. I can't wait to see yours!

Me again LOL When I posted Teddy was looking over your site no surprise to how many ppl that love you but shocking to think of you having to read and respond WOW!!! I spotted a bird that you posted by someone else That bird looks sooo sweet and wanted to make but ohhhh my goodness spent hours trying to fig out pattern just didn't come out right. Did you ever try that bird?? I kept saying to myself ohhhhh how I wish Sharon would do similar.

20+ Free Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns ⋆ Crochet Kingdom

I am going to just scratch that project, can't see where anyone has made it. Her method of getting from 54 stitches down to ten is a real puzzle. Sooo I start another great Ami by Sharon, maybe solid bear altho love lion. Lord Bless this very special lady with a huge heart. Hello again : It's always a pleasure so feel free to write anytime!

It has been exciting to watch so many people come and enjoy the patterns and video but at the same time I have been having a harder and harder time getting to all the messages. I used to answer each and every single one on here, youtube and facebook but some days I can only add a thumbs up because there's just so many and that makes me a little sad. But I'll keep trying, lol! I think you are talking about the Parrot pattern?

I haven't looked at the pattern itself but it was so beautiful! Wow, I love the colors on that as well. It's always a shame to see patterns get so complicated because they really don't need to be. I actually have a real hard time reading some patterns myself. I much prefer simple!

Thank you again for the kind words, that really does mean a lot. Actually meant adorable blue bird by LisaAugh It was much bigger than it looked and used the 2. Please consider a sweet bird pattern. If only I had more talent to remake her pattern simpler, cuz that bird is sooooo sweet. Hugs to you and kids No reply needed. What happens if you loose your spot like the marker yarn falls out and you don't remember how many stitches you've gone from the starter. If you're on a row of just sc just make your best guess to where you started from.

If you're on a row where you're doing 2tog then back up to the last 2tog and count your stitch from there. If you're increasing back up very slowly and watch your stitches as they come out, once you hit a st that has 2 in it then count your stitches and go from there. Thank you so much, I'm trying to make the bear and my dog got ahold of the head part and I lost my spot but I fixed I'd. If it helps at all I always mark my last stitch with a safety pin that way it can't fall out. Hello, I made my first teddy bear, but I have question how to make it bigger size about twice , and still follow your instuction?

Thank you so much, this is "dummy safe" we say that in Germany. Even that I could not crochet before, I have managed do produce really a nice bear!

FREE PATTERN: Small Long-Legged Teddy Bear

Now I am going for the bunny! Thanks so much..

Baby Teddy Bear, Blanket And Bag Crochet Patterns (The Knitting Network WBD030)

I loved this tutorial and I made a bear for my little cousin and she just loved it, but now she wants a bigger bear because her "baby bear needs a mommy bear". Hi i would like know how many pcs of bear can be made of yarn estimated m. This is the second Pattern of yours I have fallowed. And I Love your videos I have shared them with everyone. One standard size and one with the double I then fallowed that and used a Bigger hook and two strands and changed his Ears for Dog ears but it was the Bear other wise ,.

Thank you for making your videos so easy to fallow. Makes me feel like a pro. I would like to show you but dont know where to post.

I'm terribly sorry to hear that your Mom is fighting cancer but I am honored you made her a gift using my pattern, that means so much to me and I'm sure your Mother treasures her elephant! I'm thrilled to know you are enjoying the patterns and videos, that is just awesome! You can post pictures right here on my facebook page Amigurumi Freely.

I'm so glad you made a bear and enjoyed the pattern :. I have a? Do u think the clothes u make for the rabbits would fit the bears if u make the legs in a standing up position.

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Hello Sharon, thanks a lot for your pattern. I get so easy way to make amigurumi, esp for this teddy bear pattern. If you don't mind, I wanna sell my teddy bear amigurumi in my home. Thank you Thank you for sharing this! How cute : Do you happen to have any patterns for a dachsund? Where do you get the safety eyes from? Or what part of the craft store? Love the pattern, thanks so much! Thank you so much for the quick response! Sorry I had missed your FAQ page.

Thanks you again for such a wonderful pattern! I am going to make 2 bears for my girls for Christmas. This bear is just too cute and I can't wait to make it for my friends daughter.


Cuddled up Teddy Ideas Free Crochet Patterns

Is there a way to make the bear not in a sitting position, say standing? Thank you! Don't close up the end of the legs, add a couple more rows and stuff then pin the open end to the bottom of the body and sew around. If you need to see how the sewing part is done just let me know and I'll send you a video link. Thank you for your reply. I just went with the flow and the bear turned out great.

She loves it : All thanks to you! That's awesome news! Thanks for taking the time to let me know :. You nee to specify how much yarn is needed to make one of these teddy bears. I gave the height of the bear in the introduction at the top of this page. I hold the bear up for all to see in the video tutorial introduction. It is small and will not need much.