Activist Educators: Breaking Past Limits (Teaching/Learning Social Justice)

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Published online: 15 Dec Published online: 7 Jan Alice Pitt et al. Published online: 24 Jun Published online: 12 Oct Published online: 18 May It prevents them from seeing the connection between our actions and their leadership. Going across borders, trespassing upon political nuance laid out by generations before us, young people from around the world are weaving a new social fabric in which climate justice is our connecting force — a sledgehammer to the walls around us.

Connections like these form as we reclaim our social media spaces. By building platforms for young activists to share their stories — whether they be of those living among cyclones in the Pacific or political danger in Brazil — the internet can be restored as a place for unfiltered intimacy with things that matter, revealing the reality of climate change for those living it.

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Ontario may be creating student inequality with mandatory online learning: report

And, in creating a social network based on the values of internationalism and solidarity, we subvert the system of competition and separation permeating our lives. In ant colonies, large populations are sustained through the interactions between individual ants. There is little centralised authority in the most resilient colonies.

On social media, teenagers have also been swept up in self-organisation, spreading their message from group to group, country to country, with the only central authority being the collective fear we all share. We are redefining political space and challenging the idea that social media platforms are only uncontrollable forces beyond our control.

As the power of far-right groups grows online , the digital presence of the Youth Strikes campaign fosters a sense of community that is more like systems of interdependence in the natural world than the walled enclosure of traditional politics. The self-organising power of the strikes and our closeness to others miles from us provides a new alternative. We need those in power to act with urgency and new ideas, but we also implore them to address the causes of the crisis.

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In order to truly repair the climate, we must recognise the system of inequality that has caused its collapse. Britain, while it might not be the biggest carbon emitter in the world, has a responsibility to act, given its historical role in creating the crisis we find ourselves in. Our society is built on the coal-fuelled industrial revolution; we now export our consumerist emissions abroad while providing lines of credit and finance to the destructive industries ravaging through other lands.

Our economic model is parasitic, with little regard for people or the planet. Competition, consumerism and separation fundamentally disrupt the patterns of nature. They are the causes of its impending collapse.

Chapter 1. Educating Everybody's Children: We Know What Works—And What Doesn't

Until we recognise our role in climate justice, we will be forever controlled by these forces. Our governments must look to the Youth Strike movement to learn a new way forward. In breaking down the walls of communication, new voices have emerged to define a politics for the future.

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