Clinical Neuropsychology of Emotion

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View larger. Hardcover January 20, Suchy's book has a unique Preface that functions as an introduction to the author's thinking about the book along with the aims of the book.

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The coverage of the book is quote complete, and most of the disturbances in affective processes that a clinical neuropsychologist is likely to encounter are reported here The reference material attached to these descriptions of affective phenomena is almost uniformly complete and up to date, reflecting excellent scholarship beyond the 'point and click' ersatz reference product offered by many books Notably innovative and very much worth reading.

Recommended for all neuropsychologists and for any clinician who wishes to have a more nuanced understanding of how alterations in the components of emotion give rise to different clinical manifestations. Suchy has successfully integrated numerous literatures and perspectives into a single, very readable volume.

The book will serve as a major text and reference for graduate students in neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience, researchers examining the brain-emotion interface, and health care professionals evaluating patients who exhibit emotion-processing deficits. It is an engrossing read for anyone interested in age-old questions about the emotional brain.

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Suchy's superb integrative approach will help transform the neuropsychology of emotion from an interdisciplinary area of research and practice to a truly transdisciplinary one. This thought-provoking volume fills a major gap in the literature.

It should be required reading for psychology graduate students and will be a most stimulating desk reference for seasoned educators, researchers, and clinicians. Because neuropsychological conditions can worsen or improve with time and treatment, neuropsychological assessment can provide a baseline to compare changes over time against. It can also be used to predict and enhance social, educational and vocational outcomes.

Involves a clinical interview and a range of individual tests. They can range from brief consultations to detailed comprehensive evaluations involving several hours of face-to-face contact. The results of the assessment are then used to assist with developing individual treatment recommendations or plans.

Treatment is tailored for the individual's specific circumstances and taking into account their unique psychological needs. Treatment could involve a framework in which elements of cognitive, emotional, motivational and noncognitive functions are applied, integrating learning theory, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology.

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Neuropsychological treatments can range from a few short sessions to multiple, extended sessions. Access thousands of psychologists across Australia.

Search for:. Types of psychologists. Areas of practice Clinical neuropsychologists assess and treat people with brain disorders that affect memory, learning, attention, language, reading, problem-solving and decision-making.

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