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Such a little diva! One day I found Old Mother Hubbard and gave it a try. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. My husband, Matthew is a canine handler and I was very close to his partner, Inka. When she died from cancer in the summer of , I took it very hard. I work with cancer and MS patients on a daily basis. To cheer me, my husband got my little ray of sunshine: Alpheus the Noble.

Alfie is only around 85 pounds but he still has some filling out to do. Alfie loves Old Mother Hubbard biscuits, his favorite being P-Nuttier, which he gets every night as a bedtime snack. He also loves the Extra Tasty Assortment Minis, which dad uses as a training treat. Thank you Old Mother Hubbard for such a wonderful treat!

I had just retired my former service dog, and my trainer and I were looking for the perfect pup to take her place. Tolo was just that. His personality, smarts, and attentiveness made us certain he would be a great service dog. He is now a little over a year old and is soaring in his training!

He always trys his hardest to please me and will stop at nothing to help me. We are hoping to have him ready to go to college with me, which would calm my nerves by a lot!

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Aside from being a service dog in training, we also enjoy doing agility, and soon are going to start showing in conformation. Tolo, coming from show bred Golden Retrievers, has perfect features of a Golden and that luscious coat to match! He may have been the runt of the litter, but he makes up for that in taste and smarts!

Thank you for making such wonderful natural products! Thanks WellPet, we love all of your products! These are his favorite all time cookies and I love that they have natural ingredients and flavors. We live in British Columbia in the country-side where Opus loves to run at top speed on the dykes and fields.

His coat is shiny and smooth, his eyes bright and intelligent. He is my baby boy and I am careful what he eats. Thank you OMH for making such a wonderful product. Cheers to you and your biscuits! Maddux loves Old Mother Hubbard products and so do we because it is free from meat by-products and great for him. I keep a bag in the car because I know if I get stuck in a blizzard, I could eat them, too. Plus I know that he is getting wholesome food in each one. They love each other dearly. They are particular about what they eat come dinner or snack time. P-Nuttier ingredients seemed all natural and something Ollie and Seb would enjoy.

They LOVE them!

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Now each morning when they see me get up, they trip over each other to be rewarded with their pre-breakfast snack. Upon returning to Boston, I immediately researched where to buy your product. Many thanks from Oliver, Sebastian and our family! Amazing, that as just a puppy, he knows what that sound is! He needs the nutrition to develop, and especially the corn free ingredient in your product. At the present we have four pugs, Peanut 5 yrs.

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They are crazy for Old Mother Hubbard Treats!!! Here is a break down of the top 10 best orthopedic dog beds and what might be the best fit for your dog. The Big Barker orthopedic dog bed comes in different sizes, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of large and small dog breeds. The brand also offers different color varieties and a year warranty for the product. The material is durable and does not flatten out over time. It gives your dog the support and comfort they need.

In addition, users state that their dogs easily adjusted to the bed. It is also large enough to fit bigger dog breeds; however, the only problem is that your dog might chew on the product. Dogs like to scratch and chew things, which ruins the bed over time. It is vital to keep a close eye on them. The Pet Fusion ultimate orthopedic dog bed comes in different for sizes, making it great for different dog breeds. In addition, the brand also offers 3 different colors and an additional 3-year warranty. The bed is equipped with memory foam, which has zip-on cover for easy cleaning.

It is also made up of recycled holsters for added comfort. Users state that the PetFusion Orthopedic dog bed is ideal for medium to large size dog. Moreover, it is completely safe for them. It offers a water-resistant material which does not let liquid penetrate through. This keeps the bed clean and easier to maintain. The Milliard Premium orthopedic dog bed comes in 4 sizes ranging from small to extra-large. It offers luxurious quality and is completely safe, fully equipped with rubber grips.

Dog owners do not have to worry about the bed sliding around the room. It measures 40 inches x 35 inches x4 inches. The bed is comfortable due to its sturdy foam base that supports dogs with aching joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. It is also one of the affordable options out there. User state that their dogs adjust to the bed very quickly and enjoy it. However, it needs regular cleaning because the material might harbor mold and mildew over time. The Friends Forever orthopedic dog bed is a comfortable and durable option for a variety of dog breeds.

It offers 4 different sizes and neutral colors like pewter, beige, khaki, and brown.

The mattress provides great quality with its poly-fill bolsters. In addition to that, it offers a 2. Users state that the bed is easy to clean as it has removable covers and is machine washable. The product does the job well and is on the affordable as compared to other brands.

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The Better World pet orthopedic bed comes in 4 different sizes ranging from a small to extra large. The brand not just offers comfort and quality, but users can also choose from their collection of 4 different colors. Users are satisfied with the product. It does the job very well.

Moreover, it has a 2-sided zipper that makes it easy to clean and wash. The lining is also resistant to liquids. The bed is an excellent option for aging dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. It is also soft and is ideal if your pup just wants a quiet place to relax in.

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This bed offers 3 different colors and is fairly large. All materials used in the making of the bed are safe and hypoallergenic. Your pet is undoubtedly safe and secure in the bed. Furthermore, it has double covers that offer a water-resistant material.