Finanzierung von Projekten (German Edition)

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Erweiterung der Monospace-Variante um mathematische Zeichen, damit sie im Editor eine brauchbare Unicode-Schrift wird. Rahmen 4. The project started and ended in The funded amount was EUR.

"pubic" in German

I have a plan to clean up the HZ extensions: a few features have turned to be not so useful and practical and add complexity to the code, so they should be removed. And meanwhile some other features are missing to make HZ extensions easy to use. For example to use font expansion, one has to create expanded fonts manually. This task is not trivial at all. I consider to change the code in Tone font handling to handle some limitations that have been shown recently.

I do have a part time job at the university and getting additional work is not easy in our country. I need to dedicate a substantial amount of time.

Handbuch Windenergie

Apart from that, I need to bring my computer up to date and arrange more comfortable internet facilities. I wonder if the user groups are willing to support me for this part time job and facilities. The installation of packages into the texmf tree is far from trivial for the average user. The idea is to provide a forum where these people can talk about possible improvements of CTAN.

Wir betreiben aktiv Forschung & Entwicklung

DANTE will cover the travel and hotel expenses for all participants. Eight month have passed, a lot of thing which have been decided had been put into action.

But still there are open areas. Darmstadt is located 30km south of Frankfurt am Main. Posted on Utopian.

Die Welt im Wandel: Das System Erde

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FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds

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