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T he Russian government offered subsidies to encourage Russian airlines to buy the Superjet and Aeroflot became its main operator. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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Wing Fire - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Some passengers blamed bad weather and lightning. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has also ordered a special committee to investigate the disaster. In September , it announced a record order of Superjets. We've noticed you're adblocking. They methodically worked the problem, remaining calm, focused, and determined.

And the crew had no idea why.

Jakarta control. Speedbird nine.

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We have lost all four engines. Repeat, all four engines. Now descending through flight level Over the next 12 minutes the plane descended from 37, feet to 12, feet and the crew worked quickly, calmly, and efficiently as they tried to restart the engines. Captain Moody began a series of maneuvers to climb and dive the aircraft to adjust the speed to help with the engine restart process.

Watch: An Aeroflot plane burst into flames on an emergency landing in Moscow, killing 41

We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress. Then, somewhere close to 12, feet in altitude, Engine 4 restarted. The flight crew was relieved to have an engine back and even more so as Engine 3 restarted, followed by Engines 1 and 2.

They soon discovered that their troubles were not yet over. What had caused this highly unusual incident?

One Flight One Flame

To collect a flight recording from your running Spark job, you'll first need to figure out the process ID. If you want to collect a flight recording from an executor, for example, run jps on the worker machine:. Then use jcmd to create a flight recording the example command below creates a 10 second recording. Note that this runs asynchronously, so the command will return immediately, but the file won't be available for 10 seconds. To see all of the valid commands for a particular process, you can use jcmd with the help command:.

In the output above, JFR.

Bursting into Flames Before Takeoff in Las Vegas - British Airways 2276 - 4K

You'll notice, from the output above, that VM. Double check that the output of the above command includes the Java options that you added above. In Spark, you can also check that the Java options got added correctly by clicking the "Environment" tab in the UI and checking the value of the spark. First, if you created the recording on a remote machine, copy the file back to your laptop this will make it easier to view the flame graph.

Why the fire in a perfectly healthy jet engine can die.

Next, follow the instructions at this GitHub repo to generate a FlameGraph. In order to run the install-mc-jars. On mac, you can figure out where Java is installed with:. The GitHub repository linked above describes all necessary remaining steps to create a flame graph.

While flame graphs can be useful for spotting big performance issues, we've found them to be less useful for fine-grained performance issues.

quizapp.regexbyte.com/public/162/491-foersta-dejt-vad.php After fixing some of the major issues with the scheduler, for example, we found the flame graph to be minimally useful, because it doesn't convey anything about the critical path, and many of the later scheduler performance issues we found were subtle issues along the critical path. This means that, for example, they're not useful for diagnosing when network bandwidth to ship tasks to workers becomes a bottleneck. Essentially all of the information on this page came from Josh Rosen and Eric Liang , who started using flame graphs for Spark and then showed them to me.

The Flame Graph tool was written by Brendan Gregg, and is described including a video about how to interpret them on his blog. He has a blog post on how to generate flame graphs that include CPU time spent in the kernel and in system libraries in addition to the CPU time spent in Java here. He also wrote an ACMQueue article about flame graphs.