Forgive Us Our Sins

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This is unique to Christianity. Islam has ninety-nine names of God, but there is not in all of Islam the name Father, for a Muslim does not know what it is to discover God as Father. For Allah for the Muslim is way up there somewhere, unknown and remote. But she cannot find a spot in the whole world where her evil deed may be set aside. This is Christianity. Oh, I know a place in the world. Do you? Sometimes it causes me to tremble. And how I resented him for that for all of an hour. And how I thank God for his memory and that I can quote to you this song that I learned on these Sunday afternoons.

After his sorry disaster chronicled in Psalm 51, after the mess within his home and the situation with Bathsheba, and all of the chaos that had ensued, what do you think he put at the top of the list? Forgiveness is the message.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. – WAJ

Forgiveness is the need. Well, actually, that would be as helpful as any, and we can do that if you like. But the picture in relationship to the Greek word is a clear picture. And every day that passes, the interest compounds and the debt gets worse and worse and worse.

I am unable to come up now with enough cash, as it were, in the bank of heaven in order to place my merit and offset against this dreadful indebtedness that I now have. Well then, are we stuck? Yes, without the intervention of the creditor. Forgiveness is an act of God, the divine judge. I can excuse everything. Forgiveness is a choice. That is not forgiveness. God does not overlook sin. Well then, what does he do? The answer is, he provides propitiation for our sin.

Anybody want to write that word down?

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins

Let me try and spell it for you. You need to write it down. You need to know about propitiation. If you do, you need a reminder. Here is the good news: God, the righteous judge in whose debt we find ourselves as a result of sin, has provided a propitiatory sacrifice which fully squares with his justice and the demands of his law, so that my guilt and my liability may be removed and that he may declare me not guilty.

You see, this is absolute rubbish to much of Christendom. Many of our friends and neighbors who embrace a quasi- form of Christianity have got no notion of a substitutionary Savior. They regard that as a bloody and horrible idea, that a man would die in the place of sinners. Or that God in his justice must be served by the meting out of his wrath upon sin. We accept only that God is love.

Animated Bible from New Testament - Forgive us our debts

Create your own God? Or do you want to meet the God of the Bible? How does God reveal himself to us? Absolutely perfect in his holiness, judge meting out wrath upon sin, and calling men and women to account at the bar of his judgment. The only question is whether we meet him as our Lord and Savior or whether we stand before him as our judge.

Now, if you want this in a verse, let me just turn you to 1 John Or is it just me? Who is this? Only Christ who is the Son can. He is the propitiation for our sins. Punishment is not politically correct anymore.

How to Pray (Part 4): “Give Us Our Daily Bread” and “Forgive Us Our Sins”

And so, who are we, who are any of us, ever to exercise judgment? The justice of God demands that our sin should be punished. Now, let me just try and draw this to a close, because I can see some of your eyes glazing over. Why is it that the Father turns his face away from the Son? He was never a sinner.

He became sin. For all of the sins of our lives were transferred, a la the scapegoat in Leviticus 16, onto the very life of Christ, and he embodied sin. And as he bears our sins in his body on the tree, the Father, who is too pure to be able to look upon iniquity, turns his face away from the Son. And that was the first and only occasion when Jesus was separated from the Father.

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For they had lived in unbroken communion in eternity, and he had walked in communion with his Father all through his earthly pilgrimage. It is that he was our propitiation—that all of the wrath that I deserve, that all of the hell that I have to pay, that all of the royal mess that I have made, was borne in Christ. And how I resented those records as well, and those Sunday afternoons.

Like this:. This is the gospel. Would you not believe the gospel?

Psalm 130:3-4

Do you want to be religious, or do want to know forgiveness? In one sense, then, the forgiveness of God is conditional.

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Does this mean grace is not free, or that God is withholding? Let us examine two senses of the word conditional. Of course not. The blossoming is conditional, but not because I earn the flowers or because the earth is a miser. It is because certain vital conditions must be met. My receiving of the gifts of spring are conditional. Jesus cites a reality that simply exists, and we must obey. It is embedded in the fearful and wonderful gift of being creatures made in the image of God. As in other operations concerning humans, God in his sovereign and gift-giving nature deigns to function within the realm of this-then-that, so that, among other unmerited graces, there is also the ability to interact with God as spiritual adults, so that our actions might pose real conditions upon what God will or will not do, and we might fully, freely participate in his kingdom come.

Giving such forgiveness can be very costly, and the more someone has hurt us, the harder it is to forgive. Yet forgiveness also brings great joy, not only to the forgiven, but especially to the forgiver. Richard Wurmbrand once met a man who had experienced the divine release that comes through forgiveness.