Grace in the Moment: Daily Devotions for Business Women

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Prayer: Father, man, this hit home. Turn my perspective, resources, and efforts toward doing good and the things that are above. God did what seemed impossible for me, and He will do it for you. He is actually right there with you. Prayer: Father, thank You for encouraging me this morning and refreshing me with hope. If You did it for someone else, You will do it for me. Help me to continue to seek You and obey You. I will see good. I will see greater. The greatest revelation you will ever receive is that God gave Jesus, His only begotten son, to die for you, and to apply it in your everyday life.

He laid down His life, so we can abundantly live ours. We exchanged our sin for His righteousness. We exchanged our weakness for His strength.

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He also rose, therefore, whatever your situation, you will rise too. Once you open the gate of understanding of what Jesus did on the cross and that He lives, even in you, God will begin to pour the power of this revelation into every part of your life. He will begin to flood you with His love in every part of your life and make it easy to extend mercy and love to others, as you see just how much He did toward you.

You will find His rescuing power always at work and that God will save us in all things. He will freely give us all things. He will provide you with rest and peace about everything. Prayer: I thank You, Father, for the revelation that Jesus died and rose for me. It brings joy and peace to me that You always save. May this revelation help me to love like Christ. I am inspired to live free, not condemned. I am encouraged to trust and obey You. My life is yours. When I was young in knowing God, I use to think that life was going to be smooth and everything was going to fall into my lap.

Success was going to be easy. Little did I know the trials and obstacles I would face. Little did I know the failures I would end up having, and the opportunities I would find myself missing. Yet through it all, I have found something amazing about what God does for a good man: He orders his steps. He always brings triumph from our trials. When one door closes, another will open for you! You will always run into something good, as if God had been at work the entire time.

Regardless of what you experience or see, do not let go, do not sway, do not be discouraged from being a good man. Remain a good man that does good things because God is ordering your steps. You will find favor because He delights in your way! A good man will always find success because the Lord orders His steps there.

Prayer: Father, I praise You for Your word. Help me to continue with faith, being a good man that does good things. I will see victory come to pass. Deeply plant Your ways in me and give me a hearing ear at all times. You delight in my way and the steps of a good man are ordered by You! I sincerely try but fall short each day. Sometimes, we can put those closest to us or those we admire on a pedestal that only Jesus can sit in. When you sat someone high in that perfection, the fall of offense and hurt is that much greater.

Daily Devotionals, Christian Devotions for Bible Study

You set them high on a skyscraper, when they should have been set on the ground—with you. So examine yourself. Have you cut someone out of your life because, at the root of it all, you were expecting perfection? Let us go on to perfection. No one is perfect but Him.

"Peaceful Moments to Begin Your Day: Devotions for Busy Women" Grace Fox

Prayer: Father, I praise You today. Thank You for showing me not to expect anyone to be perfect but You. Perfect Your love in me and give me the courage to walk in it. Help me to forgive and restore any relationship You tell me to. Jesus died for us on the cross, but the Spirit of God made him alive.

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He was dead, but God sent His mighty Spirit to quicken his body and he immediately rose from the grave. The same Holy Spirit, the same anointing, now lives in you! The same Spirit that led Jesus, will lead you. You have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. You have the same power like Jesus to overcome the enemy. Jesus lived full of the Spirit and that was the strength of his walk with the Father. Give God praise and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you.

Get in the presence of God, and let the Holy Spirit fill you. Let Him have His way. Nothing in your life has to remain the same. We have His Spirit in us. Prayer: Father, Your Spirit is in me to give me victory and power right now. I welcome Your power in my life by Your Spirit today. Fill me Holy Spirit and anything dead in me, make it alive! By Your power, I overcome the enemy right now! You can use me to witness. You can use me to heal.

Grace in the Moment: Daily Devotions for Business Women by Latoya M Jones

Like Jesus, the same power lives in me. You were down, but Jesus raised you up. You were broken, but the Lord fixed you. Begin to enjoy your life. Even if you have to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant today as an act of your faith, then do it. You can go after His plans for you. You can live again.

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I thank You for a great life before me. Jesus, you raised me up, and now you say live. If I have to go and eat physically at my favorite restaurant, I will, but help me not to continue to beat myself up about what I went through. Naaman wanted to be healed a certain way, and almost missed his blessing.

Have you ever said God I was looking for You to bless me that way, not this way? I was looking for a woman like that to marry, not like this one. You were expecting a different gift and calling. The whole time you are asking the Father why, you could be missing His move in your life. You could be missing your blessing. Pray and ask for the clarity you need. You have what you need to live right now.

Prayer: Father, thank You.

Help me to receive what You have blessed me with. Help me to see my gifts as You see them. I thank You for the clarity I need, and I will not miss my blessing. I have been traveling somewhere by following my phone navigation app. You may have known the will of God and His plan for you, yet as we all have, you missed some turns. God is rerouting you. Like a navigation system, God will give you the proper directions to get you back to the road you were on or provide new turns to get you to His destination for your life.

His perfect will is not behind you, but ahead of you.