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Sound Healing Treatments Each student pairs up with another student. After doing intake, and designing the sound treatment, each student actually performs the treatment on the other student. Holding Frequency — Sounds for Challenges and Conflicts This is one of the most profound and useful classes of the entire semester. We will use toning, the sound of gratitude, compassion and the sound of Universal Love to meet challenges and conflicts with health, wealth, relationships, world changes or simply noise around you particularly hypersensitivity to noise and loud sounds.

We will demonstrate and practice multiple techniques for holding frequency no matter what. Final Projects Each student turns in and presents their final paper on a vibrational topic of their choice — anything remotely related to sound and vibrational healing. This is your opportunity to research something that we have not covered in class. The whole class gets to learn about other modalities that I may not have thought about or even know about.

The paper is to be at least two pages long, and the live presentation could even include experiences or meditations. Review for Final; Heal Yourself We review all of the test questions which are already in the Reader handed out on the first day of class , and we get feedback on how to make the classes better. You design sound healing projects and practices for yourself: 1. You design a sound healing musical project as you did for David and for others in the class — for your self. You know best what you need! Ultimately this makes you aware of what sounds you really like and how they can used to heal yourself, bring you back to center and raise your own consciousness.

Create a sound practice for yourself. You create two arrays of practices for yourself. The first is a practice that you will absolutely do every day or every week. This may include things like toning every morning, doing a sound chakra treatment on yourself, getting on the sound table every day, practicing overtone singing while driving to and from work, etc. The second array of practices is one that you would ideally like to do every day or week.

Each student then presents their Sound Healing Project, and two Practices to the class. And these other pitches carry detailed information about your being which can be accessed through voice analysis. We go through all the aspects of harmonics that determine why one sound sounds different from another sound. We discuss the difference between activating Odd harmonics and calming Even harmonics, and what instrument sounds and vowels are more odd or even.

We look and listen to Pure sounds like the tuning fork versus Rich sounds Violin, Piano , and which are better for what situations. We also discuss how the volume and phase of harmonics affect a sound. With this information we discuss how the harmonic spectrum in your voice resonates throughout the universe and other people and the responsibility that brings. Tuning Systems; Frequencies; Hierarchy of Sound Many people in the field of sound healing are adamant about using sounds and music that are based on ancient tuning systems because these are based on nature and resonate through the whole universe, including our spines.

A tuning system is about which frequency each of the notes within a note octave tuned to. We discuss how to create a tuning system and look the ancient Just Intonation and Pythagorean Tuning systems. We then discuss and listen to the full range of frequencies 20 — 20, hertz , in order to learn the frequencies by name. We all know color by name, but not frequencies. We focus on specific archetypal frequencies for healing as reference points to get to know the whole range. We also find the particular frequency that your speech is centered. Intro to Sound Healing Instruments — Group on One The different types of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks and their uses.

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How to perform a sound bath. Tuning Forks with Randy Masters Tuning forks variations weighted and unweighted, and different frequency systems and a detailed process for using forks on and around the body. Sound Healing Treatments Each student pairs up with another student and performs a treatment on the other student.

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Sound Healing Marketing 1 class The course helps students to learn all the necessary skills to successfully run a Sound Healing practice. It covers over detailed techniques on how to get your business up and running with very little money, how to attract clients and how to retain them. We also explain how to add Sound Healing to expand an existing practice. Susanne has written a successful book on how to market alternative healing practices. She covers how to find clients, how to synchronize with other alternative therapy companies to get referrals, how to find a place to do your work, and how to setup your website — all with little or no money.

She helps you to pin down and refine your specific area of expertise. Inner Awareness 5 classes The use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development.

An exploration of your sound landscape and consciousness. Techniques to access a deeper awareness of your own inner sound world. Students express themselves sonically by exploring the relationship of sound to thought forms, feelings, and emotions. How to use your voice to heal and raise consciousness — your own and others. A powerful experiential workshop that will bring you into the heart of sound. Besides singing Silvina uses Crystal bowls, chanting, mantras, music and light Some of the topics that will be addressed are: chakra system, deep energy work, glands and emotional work.

You will experience and learn about the basic building blocks of rhythm and sound, and gain an appreciation for their effects upon human perception and health. In this course, you will learn why rhythm and sound facilitate healing, as well as some practical applications of how to integrate them into your healing work. The Sound of Love 4 classes A truly transformative workshop designed to open your heart. You will learn sound techniques for connecting with people from a heart center, creating more intimacy in relationships, and connecting to spiritual love.

In this unique 2 day workshop you will use sound to open up and access deeper levels of connecting through love. This workshop will open your heart to others and spirit love from above or within. When you reside in your heart with one another a resonant field is setup that not only transforms your every communication, but also adds to a planetary resonant field that affects the entire planet. The course uses creative techniques to help students acquire a deeper understanding of the nuances of intervals and musical composition. The course uses the harmonic structure as the basis for the exploration of the underlying meaning of musical intervals.

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With a basic grounding in the terminology and mechanics of music we will explore how to apply emerging knowledge and ideas in Psychoacoustics to actual pieces of music and live healing sessions. This course will provide some fundamentals of concepts in music, the association of these concepts to developing healing music and a safe place to explore the various modalities of psychoacoustics through active listening and creative projects.


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This ability is key to understanding the nature of the effects of different modalities of healing and styles of music. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Carol is one of the owners of Zero Gravity Institute.

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Once I learned how to truly be alone and at peace with myself, I became aware of energy. I became aware of how energy flows through me and the importance of freeing up any blockages I may have created. I became aware of the exchange of energy, healthy or unhealthy, within relationships as well as everyday interactions between all sentient beings. I quickly realized I had more to offer and more to learn, so I became a Reiki Master. The very short time needed to grab information makes DHM very robust to environmental vibrations.

Applications have been demonstrated in particular for implants roughness, structure of semiconductor components, solar industry, industrial metrology, and watch parts among other. Micro optics arrays fast measurement and inspection have been demonstrated and compared successfully with measurement made with other profilometers.

Extended depth of focus algorithms based on digital focalization enables have a sharp focus over the full lens surface, even for high NA samples. A Z-stack of measurement can be reconstructed digitally from a single hologram using a range of propagation distances. Specific algorithms enable to determine for each particle the distance corresponding to its best focus. Performing this operation on a time-sequence of holograms enables to determine the trajectories of particles.

The first reports of replacing the photographic hologram of classical holography by digitally recording the hologram and numerically reconstructing the image in a computer was published in the late s [60] and in the early s. After the initial excitement, digital holography went into a similar hibernation as holography experienced about two decades earlier. In the mid s, digital image sensors and computers had become powerful enough to reconstruct images with some quality.

The latter developed in parallel with classical holography during the hibernation of digital holography.

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During that time, digital holography was synonymous with what is now known as computer generated holography. By the mid s, digital image sensors and computers had improved tremendously, but still lacked the required pixel count and density for digital holography to be anything more than a curiosity. This suddenly changed at the beginning of the 21st century with the introduction of digital still image cameras , which drove demand for inexpensive high-pixel-count sensors.

In addition, the CD and DVD-player market has driven development of affordable diode lasers and optics. The first reports of using digital holography for light microscopy came in the mid s. With increased computing power and use of inexpensive high-resolution sensors and lasers, digital holographic microscopy is today finding applications primarily within life science, oceanology and metrology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs editing for compliance with Wikipedia's Manual of Style.