Love Mercy: A Mother and Daughters Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God

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A number of priests around the world have also signed letters to Pope Francis to that effect. And all Pope Francis seems of a mind to do at this stage in our evolutionary journey to Omega Christ is not to change doctrine but to have it applied with mercy and compassion. They fail to trust the Holy Spirit acting through the initiative of Pope Francis and the current voice of the whole People of God. Resistance to change is part of the evolutionary process. It filters change to ensure that only the best attested changes and what is still valuable from the past survive into the future.

It is also dysfunctional when clerics with insecure personalities who feel threatened by change and compulsively resist it are appointed to positions of power within the Church. Dysfunctional resistance to change by the Vatican for the last few hundred years, partly in inappropriate response to the Protestant Reformation and later age of Enlightenment and partly to protect their clerical power structures, has left the Catholic Church seriously weakened in its mission, priesthood and membership. Open and honest debate in searching for the truth, and the most loving, just and merciful way of applying the consequences of a given truth at this time in our evolving history, is always healthy.

It is part of psychological and spiritual growth. Such a split, or even threat of a split in these circumstances, would indeed be attributable to that aspect of Original Sin which refuses to evolve within its own inner dynamic — onwards, outwards and upwards to Omega Christ.

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How strange also that modern communications should be such a powerful inertial force. In the scenario I painted above, inertia is really the refusal to change and leads to personal and organisational incompleteness and dysfunction. In the later case we rely on the post-death mercy of God as we are drawn into divine forgiveness and eternal completeness in Omega Christ. I suspect the latter scenario includes most of us in varying degrees. Such opposition to change can leave an organisation like the Church with stunted growth which can never be put right for those who live and die during its time of refusal to grow.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

So, the refusal of the Church to listen to the justified complaints of Fr. Martin Luther and engage in necessary reform can never put right the incompleteness of many Christians, lay and clerical, living at that time who were held back in their spiritual development by the corruption fairly rampant in the Church. They can never recover the human joy and freedom of the children of God that should have been theirs to experience. The longer resistance to necessary change persists in the Church the more damage is done to ever increasing numbers of people and the more damage is done to its evolutionary trajectory to Omega Christ.

It would be a great pity if the Seamus Heaney protocol kicked in as a response to current corruption and resistance to necessary change by some of our laity, clergy and hierarchy. That would be a response of despair and a refusal to exercise our God-given duty as disciples to protest and work to put things right, as Jesus did throughout His lifetime in opposition to the caricature of religion prevalent at that time.

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We need to keep speaking out in various ways, as well as listening, in the hope that our voices will eventually be heard, and to sustain the hope of those who feel isolated and think there are no means of making their voice or concerns heard. Yes indeed, Aidan. Inertia is definitely not OK, and we must try all means of ending it, as advised by the Holy Spirit. We lay people have far greater liberty of action and speech — and must not be inactive or silent.

"a kingdom of dreams"

I accept evolution and that Genesis chapters is an allegory adapted in two slightly different versions from ancient Mesopotamian folk tales to encapsulate divine revelation in a form that could be understood by an ancient people. One of the core revelations revealed in that parable is God gifting the evolved humanoids with a human soul which incorporated the great gift of free will.

Free will came with the spiritual faculty of conscience and human intelligence to guide it. Conscience and human understanding are part of the evolutionary process and are still evolving. At that point the humanoids became fully human. The evolved, and still evolving, self-consciousness of human kind from then on had the possibility of knowing and freely loving God and each other. Original Sin, which all human beings possess, is the life-long struggle necessarily inherent within free will, against using that divine gift to choose evil instead of good, to desire mimetically the fleeting and superficial, without much care about how they are obtained, rather than a deep, loving relationship with God who dwells within everyone.

The gift of conscience, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit granted to all human beings at their creation, and use of rational thought, guide our path to the right choices that free will offers, but still leaves us free to choose the wrong path. Hence the importance of family, Church community, word and sacrament, religious education, prayerful reflection and friends helping young people to inform their conscience appropriately.

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Conscience can be strengthened by the above influences or weakened by harmful influences. Failure prayerfully reflected upon is part of our learning and growth process. Those without these sacraments or membership of a Christian Church have their conscience and rational thought to guide them on their journey to the Kingdom of God on earth. Only the pharaoh was in the image and likeness of the top deity in the pantheon, who became his father at his coronation or perhaps had do to with his conception.

Genesis says everyone is in the image and likeness of YHWH, which is somewhat democratic.

Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him)

Being permanently upright and free hands fits us to manage nature under God. And we have in our species the combined character features of God, which are scattered in the rest of creation among animals. But teilhard himself is a major problem. Aside from his writing being hypnotic and lacking substance, he is clearly heretical. The fall in the meantime, is not inherent to free will but an inherent POTENTIAL with free will, and has already happened, a one off deal the struggle you describe is the result of this.

Teilhard info here from sources some friendly to him yet showing his true nature. I see it differently: rather than a dynamic evolving universe for me the physical cosmos is in continual flux, held in a continuum of distortion. This physical plane as perceived by man is the reality of his fallen state. I had an article published five years ago that relates to the Divine Spark and consciousness. As it incorporates drawings, I cannot extend my post here. Perhaps some may continue this post, by reading it, in the link below.

Kevin, I used your link to read the article you referred to. I found it very deep, beautifully expressed in poetry, and often beyond my understanding. Thank you. Thank you Aidan for reading the article and for your generous comment. In regards to the poetry, to assist you or anyone else who reads the article I will give some further information but before I do so I would add that in an increasingly broken world how can these words of renewal be absorbed within our hearts, in the present moment, especially in the West where many hearts have become stale and cynical in regards to the Christian message.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy. For many years I have been on a long search, to find the answer to that question and for many of those years I did not realize that I was doing so. This created a state consciousness At times within my dreams that is known as lucid dreaming, this state is often found to be exhilarating by those who experience this type dream and because of this they become self-absorbed and do not study its structure.

With the known means of our restoration from that sin through Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice permits those who are willing to partake of it, once again to eat of the Tree of Life. Science; is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. As Christians we acknowledge the second person of the trinity, as Jesus Christ, the word made flesh.

Science in its original sense was a word for a type of knowledge rather than a specialized word for the pursuit of such knowledge. Man is more than a physical being, he possesses a soul. The soul is not part of evolution, rather it is the unchanging image of God, born anew in each newly created individual and possess a divine spark, waiting to be ignited by the Holy Spirit Truth. We are all born with the ability to discern the good or bad within our own life given situations. The right use of Knowledge embraces the Truth, the fruit of which is Wisdom;- the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.

Wisdom tells us to search for what is lasting, figurative man yearns to come out from the bushes to eat once more of the fruit of the tree of life and live eternally in Heaven. It could be said that knowledge without true discernment Wisdom is a knowledge that separates the intellect from the heart and if deliberate, leads one to Hell.

You are right that knowledge can foster hubris in those who pursue it — as St Paul also remarks — but it is quite likely that Pat already knows that. A question occurs to me at this point: how exactly did Teilhard deChardin see the Gospel story impacting on the evolutionary human progress towards the Omega point?

"God's Love for Man Is Most Genuine" - Theme Song From the Christian Movie "A Mother's Love"

I am wondering especially about the evolutionary impact of a more widespread understanding of the problem of human desire — its tendency to be mimetic imitative of the desire of another. And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself. So yes! The meaning of unconditional love to be practised by us humans is fully laid out in 1Cor 13, its 16 descriptors of love often read at weddings.

I think de Chardin would say that we are evolving into unconditionally loving people with the divine, eternal Love within each of us as a free gift from God St. Paul in Romans , a love which sets the world on fire with a new, divine energy infusing the actions of men and women.

The Paschal Mystery is a major step along that evolutionary path.

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Thanks, Aidan. That makes great sense. I can accept e. Contrarily I tend to see a dangerous and very unevolved hubris in that very mental disposition. And also his understanding of the Evil One Devil. This would seem to imply that, for him, that part of Genesis is a parable to explain the real existence of sin and suffering in the world.