My Favorite Animal: Giraffes

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Among the many viewing highlights were a wild dog pack that killed two kudu and were eating them when we arrived there. Or two cheetahs that found a way into the fenced park administration aree, and with the help of our rangers and the presence of our guests, we managed to get them out again.

  • My favorite Animal - Giraffe.
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  • 1. Giraffes can go a really long time without drinking water.;
  • My favorite Animal - Giraffe.
  • My favourite African animal, the giraffe!;

Madikwe Game Reserve is a true bird paradise. According to the latest estimates, there are…. Web design and content by Flow Communications. Toggle navigation. Email info-deutsch rhulani. Our Alasdair - gracious and elegant like a giraffe. Their favorite leaves are from acacia trees.

These trees have long thorns that keep most animals from eating them. But those thorns don't stop the giraffes! It is thought that the dark color of their tongue protects them from getting sunburned while reaching for leaves.

22 Reasons Giraffes Should Be Your New Favourite Animal

Giraffes also have thick, sticky saliva that coats any thorns they might swallow. Giraffes are ruminants and have a stomach with four compartments that digests the leaves they eat. After giraffes swallow the leaves the first time, a ball of leaves travels all the way back up the throat into the mouth for more grinding. Acacia leaves contain a lot of water, so giraffes can go a long time without drinking.

When they do get thirsty, giraffes have to bend a long way down to drink from a lake or stream. So, giraffes go to a watering hole together and take turns watching for predators. If water is easily available, like in zoos, they can drink 10 gallons 38 liters a day.

Giraffe Facts

When a giraffe baby, called a calf, is born, it comes into the world front feet first , followed by the head, neck, and shoulders. Its entry is like a slow-motion swan dive! Because the umbilical cord is only about 3 feet 1 meter long, it breaks midway through the birth, allowing the newborn to drop to the ground. The fall and the landing don't hurt the calf, but they do cause it to take a big breath. The calf can stand up and walk after about an hour, and within a week, it starts to sample vegetation.

Sometimes the mother leaves the calf alone for most of the day. The youngster sits quietly until she returns. When a calf gets older, the mother leaves her youngster together with other calves in a "nursery. In the nursery, the calves develop physical and social skills through play. Under the watchful eye of the designated babysitter, the youngsters explore their surroundings throughout the day. The young giraffes can eat leaves at the age of four months, but continue to nurse until they are six to nine months old.

9 Reasons Why Giraffes Are Majestical And Should Be Your New Favorite Animal

Giraffes have drawn long looks from San Diego Zoo guests since Loading their crates off the ship and onto the truck for the long journey from New York to San Diego was quite a production, and upon their arrival here 10 days later, the giraffes refused to leave their traveling crate. Finally, someone offered them onions, and these veggies accomplished what nothing else could do. To this day, onions serve as a special treat for our giraffes! The Zoo has giraffe feeding opportunities. When you visit, be sure to check out the giraffe feeding times!

Six-foot-tall 1. The Safari Park has a large herd of Uganda and reticulated giraffes in its East Africa exhibit; and a separate herd of Masai giraffes can be seen in the South Africa exhibit. Send email. Send to group. Start presenting Close.

The Morning Routine for a Giraffe Keeper at the Houston Zoo

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22 Reasons Giraffes Should Be Your New Favourite Animal

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