My Little Puppy. A childrens picture book with extra first word pages

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Letters from a Desperate Dog

This little kitten likes to snuggle, and give her kitten friends a cuddle. Join the cutest kittens you'll ever meet in this rhyming photographic picture book created especially for Kindle by the bestselling team at Little Star. To discover all our books sold on Amazon, and for regular free downloads and play ideas, visit us at www.

Trick Or Treat Street. An un scary Halloween ebook for kids 26 Sep, Here's what happened in my street, last year, when we played Trick or Treat What can you do if you can't find a costume for Trick or Treating? Find out in this gentle funny story by bestselling author Moira Butterfield. It's not scary at all. The charming pictures and well-crafted rhymes will make you smile, not shiver, and it's perfect for children of all ages. For more from Little Star Books, including regular free downloads and play ideas, visit www. My Busy Book. A Little Star book with extra learning games 17 Mar, I'll tour the jungle, too.

There's one more thing. If it's ok Can I do it all with you?

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Extra finding games and talking games at the back of the book help make the reading experience enjoyable, and encourage your child to take learning steps. A perfect companion for 'My Happy Book' by the same author and illustrator team. For more about our books plus regular free downloads and play ideas, come visit us at www. History The Olympics Book 3 23 Feb, Each title of The Olympics examines the the Olympic Games from ancient times, then the revival of the s through to today's multi-million pound business. From the history of the games to which events are included and why, and from scandals to record breakers, The Olympics puts the reader at the centre of the action with fact-packed text, dramatic full-colour photos, facts and statistics.

Other Formats: Library Binding , Paperback. Scandals The Olympics 23 Feb, Other Formats: Hardcover. Records The Olympics Book 4 23 Feb, Events The Olympics Book 2 23 Feb, More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping.

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Audible Download Audio Books. My hobby was always drawing, but now that I draw professionally for a living, I like to spend my spare time cooking, reading, hiking, swimming, camping, and watching documentaries. My favorite guilty pleasure TV show is Top Chef, partly because I enjoy watching talented, hardworking, creative people rise to the top, and partly because it gives me inspiration in the kitchen!

I also like to listen to music and podcasts, and travel! I don't have one favorite author. Some authors I love include Ann M. Look them up!

Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA

I could eat a burrito from La Taqueria in San Francisco every day of my life! And their agua frescas Check out my Resources page! Kind of. I met the editors at Scholastic when they were starting up the Graphix imprint in , and they were looking for new artists to do projects with. I brought a few original ideas to them I had been self publishing mini-comics for a few years , but nothing that was really "ready to go. Want to do some sketches?

I will not be drawing more BSC Graphix. There are new Baby-sitters Club graphic novels illustrated by my friend Gale Galligan, who It's all true. I was in sixth grade when I fell and knocked out my teeth, and I have been dealing with the consequences ever since. I had braces, a lot of surgery, and a lot of awkward smiles as a result. The comic SMILE was born out of a need to get the whole experience down on paper, since I spent so much time telling people about it. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Earthquakes happen pretty frequently in San Francisco, and I happened to live there during the last big one , in October of As for my friends doing mean things to me One incident involving my skirt was enough!

I tried to convey what braces were like, for me, as accurately as possible in Smile. This is how I remember it. Chances are, your experience won't be so bad, unless you also knocked out your two front teeth and need to get your whole mouth reconstructed! I really do have a sister. And Amara really did have a pet snake named Mango that got loose in the car. Much better than we used to!

But we also live in different states, and I only see her every so often. When I do, I'm always kind of shocked by how similar we are in so many ways! Okay, the thing is, my parents did eventually get divorced They tried really hard to make it work, and honestly, there's no "story" to their breakup, so I didn't want to include an epilogue in SISTERS that took the reader into the future, or explain their grown-up issues.

Kindergarten & First Grade

I found out my parents' marriage was struggling when I was 14, and was confused and disoriented for the next six years of my life. I wanted to capture that confusion and uncertainty from the point of view of my teen self, without a narrator explaining everything. Perhaps it doesn't make for the best 'ending' to a story My parents are still good friends, by the way!

They're both great people, and everyone is much happier now. DRAMA is not a true story! I did participate in my school theater programs in middle school and high school, and I channeled some of my experiences into Drama, but the story itself is fiction. Some of the characters in the story are inspired by real people in my life--for example, two of my best friends are gay twin brothers really!

But I was never on stage crew, and I am terrible at building things.

Letters from a Desperate Dog

They always come out crooked. I missed the landscapes of my northern California childhood and I've since moved back! I've lost a few people I loved in the last few years. I like exploring old abandoned places and mysterious towns. I love skeletons. I love stories with magic realism in them.

I wanted to write about sisters who were different from me and my own sister. So many things. Yes and no. I had a young cousin who passed away a few years ago from cancer, and she was also a very bright, optimistic, and loving kid. But Maya is her own unique character. She's got bits and pieces of kids I've babysat for and kids I've met as an author and my friends' kids, but she is still her own unique self.

I'd like to be her friend. Cat is a little more like me.


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A little skeptical, a little protective, a little nervous and anxious. But she also cares about Maya more than anything. Just like a lot of other big sisters I know. Cystic Fibrosis is an incurable disease that affects breathing.

Maya can't breathe very well, and ghosts don't breathe at all, so she finds she can relate to them. Cat's lungs work normally, but she suffers from anxiety, which means that she often needs to be reminded to stop and breathe deeply.