Nine Insights For a Successful and Happy Life

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How did they do it? But not all of them. Indeed, marriage seemed to be a means for making good on a poor childhood.

Having children provided a similar opportunity to open their hearts in a new way. For these men, it indeed turned out to be quite healing. Immature defenses include things like passive aggression, projection, and denial. They seek to put the responsibility for what happens on other people. Vaillant points out that these mature defenses can unfortunately not be developed through willpower alone — your upbringing, environment, and even genetics play a role. But they are at least partially under your control, and can be actively strengthened and developed throughout your life.

There are also several character traits strongly associated with flourishing, and their cultivation is happily within our control to a greater degree. This association between fitness and flourishing may possibly be chalked up to the benefits that physical training provides; staying in shape, as we know, can strengthen our discipline, boost our minds, and impart metaphorical life lessons as to the importance of things like humility and consistency. Exercise makes us better people. Those who were never taught as a boy the importance of scheduling their time, persevering in the face of setbacks, and developing their trustworthiness will certainly have a tougher row to hoe, but learning these skills is possible at any age.

While it is easiest to pick up new habits before your mid-twenties, when your brain is most pliable , our brains remain plastic and moldable throughout our lives. In fact, the process of myelinization — which increases the efficiency of our neurons — continues up until age During that time, our prefrontal lobes which function as the practical, organized, CEO of our brains can become better and better at checking the limbic parts of our brains which cause us to be unthinkingly impulsive. Thus Vaillant found that the study participants, regardless of their upbringing, could grow over time — could become wiser, more patient, more mature.

The 9 Keys To A Happy Retirement

The more such traits are actively sought, and exercised, the more you can aid and accelerate that process. So start working on your character early if you can, and continue to practice the qualities of mature manhood in every decade of your life.

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What leads to a flourishing life has been debated and discussed for centuries. It is a career with a high income? Full stop. Character traits matter too, but even then their real importance is helping us replace a scattered narcissism with the steady maturity that leads to rewarding relationships. Perhaps it sounds cheesy, but we are ultimately here to love, and to be loved. Thus if we fill our lives with warm, rich relationships, all the other good stuff — career success, prestige, adventure — will be sure to follow.

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The Formula For A Happy Life

Was the boy close to at least one sibling? A Loving Childhood Develops Independence and Resilience While parenting pundits at various times in our history have worried that a household full of unwavering love and support could turn out a young man who was too coddled and dependent, the Grant Study found that abundant familial love, when coupled with an emphasis on autonomy and initiative, actually produced the most stoical able to keep a stiff upper lip and independent men.

The Influence of a Father The Grant Study also found influences that were associated exclusively with dads. But Vaillant did make a few other findings that were less expected: Earlier in his career, Vaillant had supposed that divorced men would not fare any better in their second marriages — that their first marriages had failed because of psychological traits and behaviors that would similarly doom future attempts at matrimony. But when he checked in with the men at age eighty-five, 23 of the surviving 27 divorced and remarried men were in happy marriages that had lasted for an average of 30 years.

The failure of a first marriage did not mean a man was incapable of succeeding the second time round.

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This dependence deepens with time, as does the happiness of marriages. The lowness of this number may partially be a generational thing — the WWII generation had different criteria in choosing a spouse and expectations for the relationship. In old age, spouses increasingly rely on each other, and with the passing of time we tend to remember only the good and forget the bad.

Of course, the consequence of constantly working is extreme stress and burnout. If you don't slow down to take care of yourself, your physical, mental and emotional health will suffer, ultimately making you less productive. Founders share their productivity tips. Create standing blocks of time for you, put an hour on your calendar for a workout, a date night, or time with your friends or a good book. It may feel odd at first, but until you habituate it and see the positive return on that time investment am I speaking your ROI language? Once you see that it's worth it, you'll likely begin to block out those times without needing to calendar them all.

I find the most peace, quiet and calm when I am working on the things that set me on fire.

10 Great Books to Help You Find the Meaning of Life

Largely those people are in careers that leave them empty instead of filling them up. All of my businesses include my closest friends and family members because I want to travel through time with them. I want to create with them. Do the same and those pesky lines between work and play will slowly melt away.

Americans place a lot of value on being busy. Unfortunately, too often we put value on how much work we do, instead of the results we get.

This is true at every level of an organization, and inside and out of corporate environments. We all have different work styles, different times of the day when we're especially focused or productive, and different preferences in how we tackle problems. The way most workplaces are set up, people are considered "good" workers if they come in early, stay late, work on weekends, and work "hard" regardless of what that effort yields.

Instead, managers should value the results of those efforts. I encourage more people I work with to take time off and enjoy it rather than making them feel guilty, which has been the long tradition in the American workplace. When I meet with my team, I ask them to share what plans they have to enjoy the outdoors or go on a vacation.

This shows others that we have a positive viewpoint of a balanced life in our organization. The more they hear about how we want them to enjoy life, the more they are likely to do it. Then when you enter motherhood, you often get praised for "doing it all" and "making it look easy," though it is anything but. It becomes a badge of honor to be exhausted and busy.

I found that when I just stopped defining myself as hard-working and stopped making "busy" the first answer I gave when someone asked how I was doing, life just better.

see I worked smarter towards my true goal of growing a business that can help others be more eco-minded instead of the unachievable goal of clearing out my inbox. I started saying no to things didn't support my goal. I enjoyed my life more. And yes, the business did even better. I also make a point of taking at least one big vacation a year, with multiple long weekends in between, and making a real effort to unplug as much as possible.