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Therefore, we are slaves to death and children of wrath. The psalmists then effectively tell us, no man can rescue himself. And why? Because no sinner can muster the moral currency required to pay the ransom for this rescue. This is cause for great humility in ourselves, because those who are saved are not saved by any righteousness of their own, and for great patience and mercy with others, because those who do not believe in Christ are, biblically speaking, captives.

So there is the gospel of Jesus Christ to be carried into every dark corner of the soul and every far corner of the world! Because in the gospel comes the ransom that sets captives free. Psalm tells of it:. God will pay the ransom himself in order to receive us back to himself. He has done this through Christ, who is our ransom, as we see in texts like Mark Question —Does not Col.

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This is a gross error, for that would mean that all men and the fallen angels will become pleased and remain pleased with God. The Bible most clearly teaches that through the ransom merit God will become pleased with all fallen men and angels and will give them a favorable opportunity to become pleased with Him. But the Bible nowhere teaches that all men and fallen angels will become pleased with God.

On the contrary, it teaches that some of these will not make a faithful use of such an opportunity and therefore will perish eternally. We now quote the text from the A. Let us not forget that while the ransom was laid down at Calvary on the cross, propitiation, satisfying justice, was not made there, but is made in heaven, the antitypical Holy of Holies Heb.

Question —Is there a relationship between reincarnation and the New Age movement, which is so prevalent in this time? Reincarnation is one of the important elements of the New Age philosophy, and has gained followers and respectability while becoming part of a widespread movement.

For many people, the New Age is a harmless mix of actress Shirley MacLaine and other celebrities, channelers and crystals. But for a small number of Christians, the spiritual and psychological beliefs that characterize the New-Age movement are nothing less than the pernicious work of Satan.

The Bible teaching is in marked contrast to their theories, which are based on the false, unbiblical teaching that life continues at death. Resurrection is defined as a rising from the dead , a returning to life. This has provided a cloak of respectability, which furthers the deception. Even some Christians hold these theories while remaining in association with a denomination. In the decade following, a great many occult concepts and practices have been foisted as accompanying this so-called New Age.

These, along with other endorsements by media figures and related controversy as well , brought attention to Occultism in its new garb. As time has gone by, New Age concepts receive less attention for their novelty, and simply get accepted, from being subtler and less faddish. Today we can discern many of its influences having gained a presence in society, by being falsely connected with ideals, which in themselves are respectable — sometimes even Christian.

Teens as well as Mom and Dad devour science-fiction parables about extraterrestrial prophets and amoral aliens. The Kingdom on earth is yet future, after present systems have been destroyed. If the judgment of the world has not yet begun, in what sense and with what justice does God now command all men everywhere to repent? The assurance, however, is that the message shall reach all in due time. And whoever hears the message will receive with it a full knowledge of the gracious opportunity for complying with its conditions and arrangements 1 Tim.

Had God made no arrangement through the Ransom for the giving of eternal life to the world, it would have been useless to have commanded repentance; for why should men seek by repentance and striving against sin to attain life eternal if it were unattainable—if no arrangement had been made through the redemption, by which God might be just and yet be the justifier of those who believe in Jesus and who seek to follow His directions and to attain the gift of life in and through Him?

The perfect human life with the rights to life and all its perfect human life-rights—perfect food, light, air, home surroundings, etc. Thus Adam lost for himself and his race perfect human life and the right to life, with all of its rights, privileges and blessings—death being the sentence that covers the entire loss Gen. Restitution will mean the recovery of all these things that were lost. Properly enough, this will be accomplished with each individual in a full, free and clearly understand offer, such as God has promised that every member of the human family must ultimately have Isa.

Of course the world will gradually attain to lengths, breadths, heights and depths of knowledge of God and His purpose and plan, and of His wisdom, justice, love and power, such as father Adam never enjoyed. Strictly speaking, such attainments will be no part of restitution, for they never were lost.

However, we are to remember that had father Adam remained obedient to God all of these things would have been his privilege, opportunity and pleasure, for they are implied in his life-rights. Hence, while not directly a part of the restitution work, they are indirectly inherently associated with it. Question —When will the dead be awakened? This is indicated, e. Satan will be fully bound, so that he will not be able to deceive the nations any longer Rev. Then the new heavens, Christ and the Church instead of Satan and his fallen angels as the powers of spiritual control, and the new earth, the new social order based on love and justice, instead of selfishness, injustice and oppression will be ushered in 2 Pet.

Mankind in general will then be remembered by God. Through Jesus He will awaken them from the sleep of death and call them forth from the tomb, as Jesus awakened and called forth Lazarus. This is a blessed provision; they will not be awakened and brought forth for their trial until surrounding circumstances, etc. If a man die, shall he live again?

All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.

It will be noted that the entire section treats of the resurrection of the dead—not of the consciousness of the dead. The connection shows that the Sadducees came to Jesus attempting to refute the doctrine of the resurrection by the question, Whose wife of the seven husbands that a certain woman had would she be in the resurrection?

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Verses As easily as a housewife brushes aside the cobwebs that have accumulated in some neglected corner of a room, Jesus overthrows the basis of their argument by showing that in the resurrection people will not marry nor be given in marriage, because they will be like the angels—sexless. Verse Thus having refuted the argument by which the Sadducees hoped to overthrow the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead, Jesus proceeds to give a proof—not of the consciousness of the dead—but of the resurrection of the dead, in verses 37 and He quotes God as saying to Moses at the bush Ex.

If the dead were conscious, it would not necessarily follow that they would have a resurrection, even as the ancient Greek philosophers, the most logical heathen that ever have lived, held that the dead were conscious, but denied their resurrection. Acts Thus no logical deduction for a resurrection of the dead can be drawn from the doctrine of the consciousness of the dead.

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On the contrary, if the dead were conscious, there could be no such a thing as a resurrection, because 1 the Scriptures deny that the body will be resurrected 1 Cor. Acts ; Ps.

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Hence the doctrine of the consciousness of the dead contradicts the doctrine of the resurrection, even as the Greek philosopher because of their faith in the consciousness of the dead denied the resurrection. Evidently the former thought is not true of all; for the most of mankind live for sin, for self and for the world, and not for God; nor, if conscious, would the wicked dead be living to God in the sense of serving God. The second thought evidently is correct, viz. Therefore God speaks of their death as a sleep.

How Is Jesus’ Sacrifice “a Ransom for Many”?

The Ransom guaranteeing for all men another life, after their stay in death is ended, God can very properly consider them; reckon them, as alive in an anticipatory sense. Accordingly this passage contradicts the thought of consciousness of the dead by proving the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead. We answer that the passage in question is a highly figurative one, and occurs in a book that is confessedly one of the most figurative books ever written. Therefore it behooves none to be dogmatic on the question.

The altar in question has been variously interpreted some considering the altar to represent this earth, others considering it to represent Christ.

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One thing is certain—that the faithful themselves would not cry to God to avenge them. This crying for vengeance must therefore be understood somewhat after the manner in which the blood of Abel cried to God from the ground for vengeance Gen. These sufferings inflicted contrary to justice, are in this passage personified as the souls of those slain for the Word of God and the testimony that they held crying to God for vengeance.

Every wrong cries to God for vengeance in the sense that it appeals to Him as the Vindicator of justice to mete out retribution for the wrong.

Is Jesus’ death a “corresponding ransom”?

But as the saints themselves would not pray for vengeance to be wreaked upon their enemies, it must be that the wrongs that they have suffered are personified in them as crying out to God for vengeance. A close analysis of his language both preceding and following this verse, and of parallel passages, does not favor such a thought.

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In these verses Phil. He confesses himself as hard pressed as to which he should choose of these two things, life or death. Verses 22, As between these two things, therefore, it was a matter of indifference to him which he should choose, since both had such advantages that he could not decide which of the two would be the more desirable.