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These focused on the investigation of light and its sculptural dimension within whiteness. The optical fibre sculptures redesign space revealing the multitude of possibilities present. The works Catalizzatore di luce Catalyst of light reproduce one limited to the controlled dimension of the square. A ray of light introducing virtual reflections. The expansion of the work depends on the mobility of he who observes and wants to discover the directions of the ray of light and the chromatic nuances of the rainbow.

The aesthetics of the western and oriental thought make a deep connection with the essence of the culture and its rituals through the exhibitions. In the first edition of Primavere del bianco was presented in New Delhi and Calcutta, creating an encounter with Indian poetic thought. The exposition at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center represents the focus of a continuous dialogue during the past years. In Albis originates as a group project whose only possibility of existence rests on contagion, on participation, on sharing the exciting, poetic ideas, extrapolated from the history of western tradition.

The ritual of its realization, linked to the cultivation of wheat, kept in a dark place for forty days, suffering from the lack of light, repeats the myth of renewal common to all peoples willing to welcome and join in with the rituals of other cultures. The work does not present itself as an object. It testifies the participation in natural changes, it tends to express the essence of the journey experienced together as a group during a segment of shared time, exploring the interactions between different worlds.

The installation, dedicated to Malevic, to Beyus and to white was presented in Todi, city of art, in as a project of the Accademia of Florence in Start Point, part of the display Maggio Fiorentino. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Imagine Math 3 With a patient and ritual procedure of smoothing, Paolo Radi polishes the surface revealing a suspended dimension between the corporal and the incorporeal, between the visible and the invisible, between evocation and disappearance.

Fairview Hawera Windows-Bm65 Form Guide, Field, Odds and Tips - Hawera The staged image gathers fragments, memories of art history, used by the artist to compose a stylistic metaphor of white dramaturgy. Cristian Chironi; Bulletin codicologique. Table of contents.


The film is divided into six sequences that are connected by the presence of two characters who meet several times throughout the day: the Hulot himself and Barbara, a visiting American girl. Two years later the girl moves from Osaka to Tokyo and meets Ryohei, a young man working for a sake company and looking exactly like Baku. But one day Baku, now a successful model, reappears and forces the girl to make a decision. Who will she choose? The idealized, troubled love of her teenage years of the calmer, reassuring relationship she is currently into? The film was in the official selection of Cannes Film Festival In conversation with Alessandra Mauro , editorial director of Contrasto.

The book, published by Contrasto, reflects the ideal dialogue between the photographer, who lived in Venice for years, and the Renaissance writer: both observe the flow of everyday life, the commercial traffic, the crowds of travelers, and the regattas. Different eyes separated by a distance of centuries, and encountering each other in this volume, are focused on the same undisputed beauty: Venice. Gianni Berengo Gardin was born in Santa Margherita Ligure in and began taking photographs in After a long period in Venice, he settled in Milan, where he became a photographer.

In almost sixty years he has published over volumes, and what emerges above all is his interest in researching social issues. He has held about two hundred solo exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, including major retrospectives in Arles , Milan , Lausanne , Paris and New York at the Leica Gallery In , the magazine Modern Photography added him to the list of the 32 greatest photographers in the world. In addition to the numerous awards that he has won, in , he was given the prestigious Lucie Award in recognition of his career.

In collaboration with Contrasto. The event is an opportunity to attend the classical guitar lesson Frank Bungarten will give to ten students, to observe the interaction between teacher and students and to witness the human exchange implied in the act of teaching and learning. Frank Bungarten is a classical guitarist from Germany, he was born in Cologne in To date, he has performed in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

He has won two Echo awards for his outstanding stylistic versatility on the Classical Guitar.. In he was awarded with the Opus Klassik prize as best instrumentalist of the year in Germany. Programme John Dowland, Fancy no. Foto: Thomas Struth.

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E poi tramandare Kate Tempest. Confronti, riflessioni e illusioni scorrono sul crinale del dolore. Eppure, sprecati e soli ci ostiniamo nel tentativo di vivere il primo giorno della nostra nuova vita. Siamo costantemente disumanizzate, sovradimensionate, sfruttate e dimenticate. Al MAST. Antonio Cavedoni Disegnare lettere oggi. Dal giornale e dalla scatola dei cereali al mattino, allo schermo del cellulare e del computer durante la giornata, fino al libro prima di addormentarci, i caratteri ci accompagnano ogni giorno, tutto il giorno.

Antonio Cavedoni, progettista di caratteri, autore del San Francisco , font ufficiale Apple. Per il programma completo: griffoggl. The MAST Foundation presents a selection of large colour photographs taken by Thomas Struth since at industrial sites and scientific research centres throughout the world that represent cutting-edge technological experimentation and innovation. One of the best known artists on the international scene, Struth takes us in realms and forbidden zones to which we do not normally have access, giving us a glimpse into the unexplored world behind technological innovation in 25 large-format works on display at the MAST PhotoGallery.

Space research labs, plasma fusion experiments, operating theatres, and a drilling platform are photographed with painstaking precision and a remarkable visual sensibility. The artist looks at sites where contemporary society is transformed and shows us scientific, highly technological experiments, developments, research, calibrations and interventions that will at some point, directly or not, impact our lives.

In these images we can perceive the complexity, importance, and force of these processes, but we can also sense the power and the politics of knowledge, and the business they conceal. As a reference to craftsmanship and the human capacity for highly developed artisanal skills and artistic precision, at Level 0 of the MAST. Featuring five classic guitar lessons by Frank Bungarten at the Lucerne Hochschule, the video shows the meticulously orchestrated interaction between teacher and students in music tuition and demonstrates just what it takes in terms of teaching and learning, giving and receiving.

Mario De Caro. Michele Marangi. Marcello Carrozzino. Patrizia Granata.

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