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Popular for its work on college campuses during the s, Brubeck's group reached new heights with Morello. Morello suffered from partial vision from birth, [2] and devoted himself to indoor activities. At six years old, he began studying the violin.

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Three years later, he was a featured soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra , playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto , and again three years later. At the age of 15, Morello met the violinist Jascha Heifetz and decided that he would never be able to equal Heifetz's "sound". Therefore, he switched to drumming, first studying with a show drummer named Joe Sefcik and then George Lawrence Stone , author of the noted drum textbook Stick Control for the Snare Drummer.

After a period of playing in McPartland's trio, Morello declined invitations to join both Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey 's bands, favoring a temporary two-month tour with the Dave Brubeck Quartet in Morello remained with Brubeck for well over a decade, departing in Morello appeared in many Brubeck performances and contributed to over 60 albums with Brubeck.

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At the end of the track, he can be heard laughing about the "trick" ending. During his career, Morello appeared on over albums.

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He authored several drum books, including Master Studies , published by Modern Drummer Publications , and also made instructional videos. Morello was the recipient of many awards, including Playboy magazine's best drummer award for seven years in a row, and Down Beat magazine's best drummer award five years in a row.

With Dave Brubeck. With Gary Burton. Singer Dusty Springfield slapped him after several days of "putting up with Rich's insults and show-biz sabotage". But they remained lifelong friends, and Sinatra delivered a eulogy at Rich's funeral in Rich held a black belt in karate. According to bassist Bill Crow , Rich reacted strongly to Max Roach 's increasing popularity when he was the drummer for Charlie Parker , especially when a jazz critic stated Roach had topped Rich as the world's greatest drummer.

Top this! Rich preferred to concentrate on jazz and held a low opinion of both country and rock music; during medical therapy before his death, a nurse asked Rich whether he was allergic to anything, to which he replied, "Yes, country and western music. Rich's temper was documented in a series of secret recordings made on tour buses and in dressing rooms by pianist Lee Musiker , who concealed a compact tape recorder in his clothing while on tour with Rich in the early s.

He usually held his sticks with the traditional grip. He used the matched grip when playing floor toms around the drum set while performing cross-stickings crossing arm over arm , which was one of his party tricks, often leading to loud cheers from the audience. Another technique he used to impress was the stick-trick, a fast roll performed by slapping two drumsticks together in a circular motion using "taps" or single-stroke stickings. He often used contrasting techniques to keep long drum solos from getting mundane.

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Aside from his energetic, explosive displays, he would go into quieter passages. One passage he would use in most solos started with a simple single-stroke roll on the snare drum picking up speed and power, then slowly moving his sticks closer to the rim as he got quieter, and eventually playing on the rim itself while still maintaining speed.

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Then he would reverse the effect and slowly move towards the center of the snare while increasing power. Though well known as a powerful drummer, he did use brushes. Adler said, "The kid told me he played better than Krupa. Buddy was only in his teens at the time and his friend was my first pupil. Buddy played and I watched his hands. Well, he knocked me right out. He did everything I wanted to do, and he did it with such ease. When I met his folks, I asked them who his teacher was. That made me feel very good. I realized that it was something physical, not only mental, that you had to have.

I set out to teach Buddy to read. He'd take six lessons, go on the road for six weeks and come back. He didn't practice.

He couldn't, because wherever the guy went, he was followed around by admiring drummers. He didn't have time to practice Tommy Dorsey wanted Buddy to write a book and he told him to get in touch with me.

I did the book and Tommy wrote the foreword. Technically, I was Buddy's teacher, but I came along after he had already acquired his technique. When asked if Rich could read music, Bobby Shew , lead trumpeter in Rich's mids big band replied, "No. He'd always have a drummer there during rehearsals to read and play the parts initially on new arrangements.

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Buddy would just sit in the empty audience seats in the afternoon and listen to the band He'd only have to listen to a chart once and he'd have it memorized. We'd run through it and he'd know exactly how it went, how many measures it ran and what he'd have to do to drive it. In a Modern Drummer interview, Buddy had this to say about practicing: "I don't put much emphasis on practice anyhow.

I think it's a fallacy to believe that the more you practice, the better you become. You can only get better by playing. You can sit in a basement with a set of drums and practice rudiments all day long, but if you don't play with a band, you won't learn style, technique, and taste, and you won't learn how to play for a band and with a band. It's like getting a job, any kind of job, it's an opportunity to develop. And practice, besides that, is boring.


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I know teachers who tell their students to practice three, four, six hours a day. If you can't get what you want after an hour of practice, you're not going to get it in four days. In the same article, Rich also discourages playing drums with one's bare hands. When asked if he could do such a thing, he replied, 'Yes, but why destroy your hands? I could think of a hundred ways to use my hands rather than to break them on the rim of a drum. Rich's technique, including speed, smooth execution and precision, is one of the most coveted in drumming and has become a common standard.

Gene Krupa defined him as "the greatest drummer ever to have drawn breath". Rich's influence extended from jazz to rock music and jazz fusion. Since Rich's death, a number of memorial concerts have been held. A second volume was issued in In , readers of Rolling Stone magazine ranked Rich No. With Count Basie. With Benny Carter. With Harry James. With Charlie Parker. Rich was known as a performer and endorser of Ludwig , Slingerland , and Rogers drums.

While recovering from a heart attack in , Rich was presented with a s-vintage Slingerland Radio King set, refurbished by Joe MacSweeney of Eames Drums, [69] which he used until his death in His cymbals were typically Avedis Zildjian : 14" New Beat hi-hats , 20" medium ride , 8" splash , two 18" crashes thin and medium-thin.

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