The Truth Of It: Amelia Earharts Private Journal

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Earhart embraced her role as spokesperson, seeking to convince the public that air travel could be safe and enjoyable. Surely, flying through the clouds would have seemed more enticing with a Perpetua or Skyline filter. Ware also advised that Earhart would have been loathe to turn down a fan selfie. I can just see her doing that — she loved interacting with her fans. She loved that human contact. Earhart, after all, was real; she would have been too busy with the control stick to worry about the selfie stick.

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Follow RealAmeliaEarhart to find out. Quoted caption text comes from the following books: Amelia Earhart, 20 Hrs. Hashtags are of our own creation. For more history, visit the official American Experience website. Sign in. Get started. American Experience decided to find out. Cori Brosnahan Follow.

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Tuesdays at 9pm on PBS. See responses 1. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Steiner, describing piloting her own aircraft as ''a sense of freedom, a different perspective of the world and pure joy. Dotti Campbell of Setauket learned to fly at age 50, with the last of her four children in college.

The Odd Vanishing of Amelia Earhart

Campbell, now 72, hanging out by the runway to see if the pilots hit the spot. Campbell said flying made getting off the Island a lot easier.

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She can fly to Maine in two hours in her single-engine Cessna, the same amount of time it takes to get to Bridgeport by ferry, counting the half an hour sitting in line. Through the Ninety-Nines, she tries to encourage others. Doris Abbate, 69, earned a pilot's license and began racing in her early 20's. Being a woman was incidental to being a pilot, she said.

Abbate said.

We need to encourage the women while they are young. You need to put the seed in their brain. Yes, you can be a pilot. In the kitchen of the Thatched Cottage in Centerport, Jennifer Colamussi slathered Italian meringue butter cream icing on the second tier of a chocolate pudding filled, four-tier wedding cake, one of five wedding cakes a week she bakes and decorates with cascades of sugar dough roses, swags and roping.

Colamussi, 18, is the pastry chef for the catering hall. At Thanksgiving, she'll bake 1, pies; an additional for Christmas.


She is not just adept at volume. Recently, Ms. Colamussi was named the New York State champion for commercial baking in a skills competition. Hoping to win a full scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America, she will take part in a national competition in Kansas City, Mo. Colamussi said. Colamussi had a head start. Her father, Ralph, owns the Thatched Cottage. As a child, she liked to hang around its kitchen, watching the chefs.

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She became the dessert chef three years ago when the former chef left. Colamussi, who is also the catering hall's executive chef. If Earhart sent any of those 57 radio transmissions, the plane must have landed relatively intact. Eventually the tide lifted the Electra off the reef, and it sank or broke up in the surf.

The transmissions stopped on July 13, Later in , a British party explored the island with the intent of colonizing it.

Colonists reported finding airplane parts, some of which could have plausibly come from the Electra. In Gerald Gallagher, the colonial administrator, discovered 13 bones buried near the remains of a campfire. The bones were shipped to Fiji, measured, and subsequently lost. Several s-era glass bottles have also been discovered at the site. One of them may even have contained freckle cream, a cosmetic Earhart was likely to have used. A TIGHAR expedition is currently underway at Nikumaroro, deploying four dogs that specialize in sniffing out human remains as deep as nine feet underground and as old as 1, years.

A third theory is that Earhart and Noonan, unable—or perhaps not intending—to find Howland, headed north to the Japanese-controlled Marshall Islands map , where they were taken hostage by the Japanese, possibly as U. Some believe both pilots were eventually killed, while others believe Earhart and maybe Noonan returned to the U. Reineck, a retired U. Air Force colonel who lives in Kailua, Hawaii, claimed in According to Reineck, the scheme would have allowed the U. Earhart radioed that she was headed north, the message was intercepted, and the Japanese took her hostage, he claims.

Our uncles and aunts, our parents, and our grandparents know she landed here. In a July 5, , segment on the Today Show, History Channel filmmakers argue that Earhart and Noonan landed in the Marshall Islands, hundreds of miles from their intended destination of Howland Island. The documentary argues that the Japanese navy thought that Earhart and Noonan were U.

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For him, the answer to the mystery rests under 17, feet of ocean. But until Earhart's wreckage is hauled from the Pacific, the mystery surrounding her disappearance will continue to invite speculation of every stripe.