Wendy Quill Is A Crocodiles Bottom

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Exciting marketing campaign around publication. Fantastic pocket-book format with bright illustrations to delight the reader!

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Available in eBook format. The specification in this catalogue, including without limitation price, format, extent, number of illustrations, and month of publication, was as accurate as possible at the time the catalogue was compiled.

Due to contractual restrictions, we reserve the right not to supply certain territories. Description Contents Readership Wendy's plans don't always work out but that's never stopped her having the best time ever!

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Wendy Quill is a Crocodile's Bottom. She has been Wendy all her life, after all.

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  • Wendy Quill is a Crocodile's Bottom by Wendy Meddour, Mina May | Waterstones;
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But fame finally comes her way when she dresses up for a class project on the Plague and saves her teacher, Miss Pinch, from Kevin, the escaped school rat. Her heroic deed makes the front page, where everyone can see her!


It is genuine, fast-paced and truly funny. The book is segmented into three 'stories', all of which flow together with ease, making this book a brilliant choice for newly confident readers, or to be shared.

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  7. All of the characters are well-drawn and memorable. The situations they find themselves in are easy to relate to and filled with humour and heart. The 'message' is simple; be yourself and never give up! They are dynamically rendered and add real punch and excitement to the story, pulling the reader through and giving even more to laugh about.

    Well-written, really funny, a great story and exceptional illustrations, this is the first of a series of Wendy Quill's adventures.

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    Wendy Meddour

    While the book is aimed at girls aged 7 to 10 years, there is no reason that boys would not enjoy it just as much, as the humour and the story-line is not overly 'girly-girly' and it offers much for all children. My only argument with it is the pink cover, which will put boys off from reading what would be a thoroughly engaging story.

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    Highly recommended, I just loved this book. It is full of warmth and candour and is an absolute delight in all ways.